Ssamzie Space

I will be in Seoul for 3 months from January to participate in Ssamize Space Studio Program as a part of Bilateral Exchange Residency Program of Tokyo Wonder Site to develop the work "The Game-Keeper's Jam Cellar",the photography project taking the pictures of the room of old people.

In March, I will take a part in the 10th Open Studio which is the last open studio of Ssamize Space. Please visit us when you are in Seoul.

Please also do let us know if you know anybody in Seoul or in Korea who would participate in my work.
→Details of the call:

Duration of the residency: Jan 6 - Mar 31 2009
The 10th Open Studio: Mar 23- 28, 2009



第十回オープン・スタジオ: 2009年3月23日〜28日

派遣先:サムジースペース(Ssamzie Space)
A-5-129 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (121-190)