秋田公立美術大学ギャラリーBIYONG POINT

秋田公立美術大学ギャラリーBIYONG POINTでは、9月12日(土)より、「KAMIKOANIプロジェクト秋田」関連展示として、2015年度レジデンス作家の江幡京子による個展「ジャムの瓶詰め小屋 The Game Keeper’s Jam Cellar (Mixed Berry)」を開催します。ぜひお越しください。
Kyoko Ebata|The Game Keeper’s Jam Cellar (Mixed Berry)
2015. 9.12(土)-10.4(日)9:00〜18:00 *会期中無休、入場無料
オープニングレセプション 9.11(金)18:00〜19:00
江幡京子 Kyoko Ebata

秋田公立美術ギャラリー BIYONG POINT
秋田市八橋南一丁目1-3 秋田ケーブルテレビ(CNA)内
お問い合わせ|秋田公立美術大学事務局企画課 tel. 018-888-8478(平日8:30〜17:00)

As a related event to the Kamikoani Project, a solo show "The Game Keeper’s Jam Cellar (Mixed Berry 33)" will be held at BIYONG POINT Of Akita University of Art in Akita-city. Mixing new and previous works with an experimental approach in collaboration with the curator Yuka Keino and architect, Eijiro Kosugi, to show the experience of seeing by building a looking mechanism through which to see the photographs.

Kyoko Ebata|The Game Keeper’s Jam Cellar (Mixed Berry)
9:00-18:00 12 Sep- 4 October
Akita University of Art Galler, BIYONG POINT







In order to show selected new and previous works, we made an experiment to re-edit the space according to the main theme of the project, ambiguity.
Inside the gallery space, a number of 200 x 10 cm louvers made of Styrofoam are lined up. This wall of louvers dictates the way in which a viewer can see the photographs. These louvers are set up at angles, and when a viewer enters the space, he or she cannot see what’s displayed on the other side of the louvers. As the viewer walks in, he or she can see the pictures from different angles little by little.
When you go inside the space, everything is in white and the louvers, lit with LED spotlights, give an impression of floating in the air. It has strange atmosphere almost as if walking into a non-cold artificial snow forest. I feel like I am in a architectural model of a kind that I’ve wanted to be able to enter since my childhood.

The pictures themselves are not seeable from a distance as in a normal setting. You cannot tell what the purpose of the show is, if the pictures are really intended to been shown or not. In a way this shows the ambiguity of uncomfortable feelings towards the violence of the gaze of photography and the desire to show off. The project of the photos themselves show the moment where belongings change from tools to objects, and suggests an ambiguity towards aging, from fear and desire, to respect.  The scene of the picture is cut off from the past and the future, it exists there in a temporary state, and the images flip between the possibility of a past or a future withheld. The gaps between objects which are there and those which are not, slowly rot away, and the still image still seems to move forward towards death.The space celebrate the in between space cheerfully and quietly.