Seeking for participants for “The Game-Keeper’s Jam Cellar” from ALL OVER the WORLD

Please participate for the photography project “The Game-Keeper’s Jam Cellar” documenting the rooms of elderly people.

Target participant: People who are age of approx 70 + yrs old and let their room to be photographed.*We are not looking for a specific type of room. Visiting from a normal room to unique room and just talking to the people itself is important for the project.

I often work with local community including local governments, private organizations, business organizations, religious organizations; organizations of all kinds, any community who has a network in the community depending on the country. I believe no matter what channel I go through, the picture itself speaks what it speaks. I work very flexible and try to respect the purpose of the organization as much as I can. I usually have meeting with the mediator and explain my project and sometime join their activity as an observer if it is necessary. I believe the trust and understanding is very important to realize the project.

Target of photo shooting: Only inside the room
*The owner of the room will be not in the picture (only in the case when the participant wishes, a portrait photography can be taken and give it to the participant.)
*No need for cleaning your room for the shooting.

Method of photo shooting: After making an appointment, the artist will visit your house and take pictures with natural sunlight. Using equipment will be only a camera, a tripod and sometime a video camera.

Time of the photo shooting: Daytime
*The duration of the photo shooting is depending on the each session. It is approximately from 30 minutes to 3 hours in the usual case according to the request of the participants. Please suggest your convenient time in daytime.

Outline of the project:
Title: “The Game-Keeper’s Jam Cellar”
Medium: Digital Photography
Subject: The rooms of elderly people (the owner of the room is not in the photography)
Method of exhibition: Exhibiting in museums and galleries and publishing through books, magazines and catalogs